RUDRA PUBLIC SCHOOL for academic excellence, is an English medium co-education school affiliated to M.P. Govt. , is established in the year 2015.

It is multidisciplinary institution, home of excellent teaching faculties of all subjects. Rudra Public School campus is spread across an area of about two acres which provides an ideal ambience for quality education and ensuring all round development of the students.

As RPS is situated in rural area where people are ignorant of education, the need of education and the importance of education, such an area surely need an institution like RPS. This is an institute where children are focused to have quality education rather than to have quantity education. As we all know that RPS started its new session on 1stapril 2015 with only few hands of 58 students but today we are with 380 students. We feel proud to shape these children according to the need of time. In the beginning of the session we got raw material as our children were from rural areas which had very weak root of education but today we have groomed them in such a manner that they are well known to the requirement of the society.

The school campus is well-equipped with modern infrastructure including the computer, science and maths laboratory, library with courses and other inspirational books, good canteen, dignified music classes with all its instrument, a big playground with an area of 70 metres, well arranged smart classes and sports and fitness facilities add to the quality of education on the campus. It has been providing students an excellent education in modern academic environment. We hope this institution to prove it to be the best and quality instruction in this area.

The school is established, organized, managed and run by ‘Sheela Siksha Evam Jan Kalyan Samiti’. With the message “To Grow, To Bloom, To Live”, Mr Chandra Kirti Sharan Singh – President of Rudra Public School has formed it in the year 2015 in Gorbi Basti , Singrauli , district – Singrauli ( M.P.)

The school aims to offer an outstanding academic recreational and co-curriculam environment along with excellent growth opportunities to all the children irrespective of class, caste or creed. Children are imbibed with the basic values of patriotism, peace, unity and solidarity. This institution helps to builds up the wholesome character of a child. Students joining the school can enjoy a perfect balance between high educational standards and a lifestyle compiled with indian traditions and modernity. This institution also aims at

Providing Scientific Approach
Encourage to build up innovation and creativity
Develop children as shining stars
Helps in character formation
Overall personality development
Systematic exposure programme
Value based and quality instruction
Disciplined and orderly procedure
Moulding the future worthy citizens of our country.
School library
Smart class (E-class)
Science Laboratory
Maths Laboratory
Computer Laboratory
Medical check-up
Sick Room
Bus Facility
Library is an essential part of any institution in particular to one imparting education. Books are best friend for any one especially to the growing children who have an unceasing lust for knowledge in all areas to quench their anxiety related to various subjects. Modern well equipped library is in focus to provide books on various subjects to gain the required depth knowledge which act as a tool in learning-teaching process.

There is a well-equipped, accessible Science lab and Math lab to conduct and improvise practical knowledge. Proper ventilated, congenial and conductive atmosphere, walls well decorated with scientific charts imparting scientific aspects and approach for all the students.

This institute also imparts quality based computer education facilities. Well maintained and fully accessible with 30 computers in one lab gives the opportunity for all students to have practical knowledge about the chapters they are learning in classroom. At present educational CDs are available which help the students to make their concept clear and also access them to prepare their project work. Healthy mind exist in healthy body. And a healthy mind can advance itself in great work. For this,the institute provide medical treatment to the sick and needy children. Here,we have proper sick room for ill children where they have proper and best care throughout the academic session. We do also take care about cleanliness, health & hygiene. We offer to children watching and learning process by audio-video classes. E-classes are set up for children to acknowledge their knowledge on different subjects. In modern era, many amendments and updates has been done, so children are being awared about all the updates through educational CDs. Audio-video classes has great bearing on mind and can last up for more time than class learning.

Well maintained and properly ventilated buses are also available for all the children coming to school. With nominal charges, this facility is provided to almost all the student coming from distant areas. The school institute provide bus facilities for all routes.