Annual Report

For KG to class VIII , the school follows a semester system to assess the progress report of the child. There are four formative assessment (FA) and two summative assessment (SA) in one academic session. Semester system consist of two semester, the first semester is from April to September and the second is from October to March. First semester includes two unit test/FA followed by the half yearly examination in September. Next semester further includes two unit test/FA followed by the final examination in March.

Promotion is granted on the basis of the Final Result which takes into consideration of all the written exams and other assessments. The minimum pass marks/grade for classes will be as per the rule.

Minimum 33% is required in aggregate of each subject for promotion. A student who fails twice in the same class will not be permitted to continue its studies in the school.

The result of test and exams are shown to the parents during PTM. Parents are requested  to attend the meeting. Tampering with marks in test paper or report card will be liable to be punished. On replacement of report card on account of lost, duplicate shall be issued on payment of Rs.50.

Parents are also requested to sign the answer paper of their ward of each subject given by their teacher. Parents can aware themselves about child’s performance through answer paper. However, answer paper of final examination will not be given to the parents under any circumstances. 

                                                TEST AND EXAMINATIONS ( 2017-2018)

06.11.2017MondayNovemberFA IIIHindiHindiHindiScience
11.11.2017SaturdayNovemberFA IIIE.V.SE.V.SE.V.SHindi
17.11.2017FridayNovemberFA IIIEnglishEnglishEnglishEnglish
24.11.2017FridayNovemberFA IIIMathsMathsMathsMaths
29.11.2017WednesdayNovemberFA IIICopy EvaluationCopy EvaluationSanskrit
04.12.2017MondayDecemberFA IIICopy EvaluationCopy Evaluation
28.12.2017ThursdayDecemberFA IVEnglish
04.01.2018ThursdayJanuaryFA IVEnglishEnglishEnglishSocial
09.01.2018TuesdayJanuaryFA IVE.V.SE.V.SE.V.SSanskrit
13.01.2018SaturdayJanuaryFA IVHindiHindiHindiMaths
17.01.2018WednesdayJanuaryFA IVMathsMathsMathsScience
23.01.2018TuesdayJanuaryFA IVCopy EvaluationCopy EvaluationHindi
29.01.2018MondayJanuaryFA IVCopy EvaluationCopy Evaluation
22.04.2017SaturdayAprilFA IEnglishEnglishEnglishEnglish
28.04.2017FridayAprilFA IHindiHindiHindiHindi
24.06.2017SaturdayJuneFA IMathsMathsMathsSocial
29.06.2017ThursdayJuneFA IE.V.SE.V.SE.V.SMaths
06.07.2017ThursdayJulyFA ICopy EvaluationCopy EvaluationCopy EvaluationScience
11.07.2017TuesdayJulyFA ISanskrit
15.07.2017SaturdayJulyFA ICopy Evaluation
26.07.2017WednesdayJulyFA IIHindiHindiHindiHindi
01.08.2018TuesdayAugustFA IIEnglishEnglishEnglishEnglish
05.08.2017SaturdayAugustFA IIMathsMathsMathsMaths
10.08.2017ThursdayAugustFA IIE.V.SE.V.SE.V.SSocial
18.08.2017FridayAugustFA IICopy EvaluationCopy EvaluationCopy EvaluationSanskrit
22.08.2017TuesdayAugustFA IIScience

15.09.2017 – 30.08.2017   Summative Assessment I

1.03.2018 – 14.03.2018  Summative Assessment II